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Posts in which I talk about my dogs, something that pretty much only I – and possibly my husband – would be interested in reading about. And yet I do it anyway. ‘Cause fuck you.

Sophie and Me.

I was a wee college student in New York City when we brought her home on the subway in the first week of February 2002. She was an 8 week old puppy who’d been abandoned along with the rest of … Continue reading

Dammit Life, Stop Distracting Me From My Blog.

So, this happened this week — was called one of the Top Ten Parenting Blogs on the whole Internet by Disney Interactive and my face was the graphic for their massive list making the whole thing kind of weird … Continue reading

I’m Obsessed.

Who knew there were so many ways to preserve your pet’s likeness for posterity? For sources and more great pet artists, click here…

Life Amongst The Beasts

Today on Babble I posted a collection of Twelve of the Top Dog Friendly Beaches Across The US. Did I find one near you? If not let me know so I can track one down or add your favorite. Also … Continue reading

Stinkerbell; A Study