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It’s good to be home in our tiny corner of The Valley.

I missed Dee George something FIERCE while I was away this past week. Felt a bit like my heart had been ripped out.  Even if only temporarily. We’re spending a lot of time in the yard now that we’re all … Continue reading


During my fight with the postpartum monster, our house got a little…out of control.  So we’re trying to scale back and get zen every chance we get.  Starting with the master bedroom, which was the opposite of relaxing with too-big … Continue reading

Oh fuck, it’s Thursday already.

See how bad I need this series?   So, Purgeday Thursday (working title) is upon us again, and I am so already effing up this whole weekly series thing.  (It’s nearing midnight on Thursday as I write this.  Scott is going … Continue reading

I think maybe…a weekly series?

I have no idea what my fingers are doing.   My brain is screaming all kinds of rational reasons why I shouldn’t put this additional pressure on myself, and yet my fingers and my guts are saying “nah…go on ahead … Continue reading