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I’m Not The Mom I Thought I Would Be

[Editors Note: Friends and Lurkers, please welcome Brooke. I promised her to you a few days ago and then basically hopped on a helicopter and failed to publish this post like the asshole that I can't seem to stop being. … Continue reading

Why You’ll Never Hear Me Call Myself A “Pothead Mom”…No Matter How High I Am.

Ever since Kiri Westby published her controversial and totally not anonymous piece “Confessions of a Pothead Mom” last week I’ve gotten many a text/DM/FB message/email from someone asking “Be honest — are you the HuffPo Pothead Mom?” I’m not, of … Continue reading

On Becoming An Accidental Nomad

[Editor's Note: This is the first post from Sara, one of my dearest friends and now a monthly contributor to The818. Need more details? Click HERE. -m-] This isn’t the life I expected to have. When we sold our house … Continue reading

Dammit Life, Stop Distracting Me From My Blog.

So, this happened this week — was called one of the Top Ten Parenting Blogs on the whole Internet by Disney Interactive and my face was the graphic for their massive list making the whole thing kind of weird … Continue reading

Puking While Parenting Is An Out Of Body Experience

I was laying in bed with Delilah when it happened. I had to barf. I’d eaten an early and ill-advised dinner and it was coming back to haunt me. I sat up, then doubled over, feeling the cold sweat creep … Continue reading