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The Mother Of All Narrative Cinema; Alice Guy-Blache Finally Gets Her Due

Have you ever heard of Alice Guy-Blache? My friend Julie emailed me about this kickstarter for a documentary about Alice, and I was kind of shocked that I had no idea who she was, to be honest. I mean, not that I know about all the things, but I went to NYU film school where they are very serious about the… Read more →

I Want The Name Of Her Surgeon Because Tinkerbell Looks Incredible For 50

Seriously. Look at those lids: As the story goes, I had just turned three when my best friend and I were both cast as Tinker Bell in the pre-school year end performance of Peter Pan. One set of wings + Two Best Friend Tinker Bells = Two one-winged fairies (or one two-headed fairy, either way, that’s friendship.) At my eighteenth… Read more →