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Afternoon Delight (So, Uh…What Are You Up To This Weekend?)

Afternoon Delight — which nabbed writer/director Jill Soloway top directing honors at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival — is the kind of movie that you don’t get to just watch and forget about on the ride home. It gets under your skin and into your pores and it makes you think about the big things in a way few stories do. I mean, it’s… Read more →

The Mother Of All Narrative Cinema; Alice Guy-Blache Finally Gets Her Due

Have you ever heard of Alice Guy-Blache? My friend Julie emailed me about this kickstarter for a documentary about Alice, and I was kind of shocked that I had no idea who she was, to be honest. I mean, not that I know about all the things, but I went to NYU film school where they are very serious about the… Read more →

I Want The Name Of Her Surgeon Because Tinkerbell Looks Incredible For 50

Seriously. Look at those lids: As the story goes, I had just turned three when my best friend and I were both cast as Tinker Bell in the pre-school year end performance of Peter Pan. One set of wings + Two Best Friend Tinker Bells = Two one-winged fairies (or one two-headed fairy, either way, that’s friendship.) At my eighteenth… Read more →