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Why You’ll Never Hear Me Call Myself A “Pothead Mom”…No Matter How High I Am.

Ever since Kiri Westby published her controversial and totally not anonymous piece “Confessions of a Pothead Mom” last week I’ve gotten many a text/DM/FB message/email from someone asking “Be honest — are you the HuffPo Pothead Mom?” I’m not, of … Continue reading

Finishing The Unfinished: A Creative Footnote to #CutYourCrap

In this week’s installment of Cut Your Crap, in an attempt to help get things moving for those folks feeling a pit constipated in their Spring Cleaning, I shared a few tips from Karen Kingston’s “Clear Your Clutter With Feng … Continue reading

It’s Not Crazy to Question Vaccines, but Here’s Why I Choose To Vaccinate, and I Think You Should Too.

Me (center) advocating on Capitol Hill for Shot@Life, flanked by Legislative Aide to Senator Feinstein Megan Thompson (left), and author of The Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism Shannon Des Roches Rosa (right). [I haven’t had a chance to tell you … Continue reading

Depression Is My Sister Wife

This morning, Dee woke up early and jumped in to our bed. “Can we play Daddy?” she asked, as Scott rolled over and squeezed his eyes shut tighter. “You know what, Baby?” I cooed in her ear, “Daddy needs a little … Continue reading

There Is Beauty In Acceptance: “Bearded Lady” Harnaam Kaur Sets Stunning Example

Harnaam Kaur is a 23-year-old woman living in England. Like many women (between 10-20% of those of childbearing age), Kaur suffers from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which has been known to cause excessive hair growth in some patients. In Harnaam’s … Continue reading