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Valley Artist Natalia Fabia’s Work Is Truly Truly Truly Outrageous

From time to time I meet people who read this blog and have no idea what The818 is. (Even more frequently I meet people who don’t read this blog and have no idea what The818 is, but I digress.) And then other times I meet people who are like “No way, How was that even available? I would totally buy… Read more →

Dee’s Sculptural Headband Holder

My friend Nick made this for her, and I’ve been meaning to show it to you guys forever. Because it’s freaking awesome. Not only did it solve our overflowing headband problem (headbands have been the only form of hair-restraint Dee will allow for quite some time) but it’s oh so pretty. Like a little sculpture for her bedside table. Which makes… Read more →

Do You Want To Freak Out? Moorea Seal Store: Like Crack For My Eyeballs

I think I’ve kind of acknowledged my girl-crush on my friend Moorea before. And I’m not one of these people that bandies about with the term girl-crush. I’m pretty sure that if you search my archives you’ll find it used exactly zero times. But Moorea? Everything she does is just so damn…cool.  To start, she designs jewelry like this: And… Read more →