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The Things We Keep

I am looking for plastic Easter eggs when I find it. A medium-sized cardboard box, sharpie scribbles and bumps from various moves gracing every side. It weighs more than I expect and the tape I tug from the top feels … Continue reading

Purgeday Thursday: Automotive Edition

This month we bought a car, and there is nothing like being forced to clean out your vehicle for sale to make you realize what a disgusting car-slob you’ve become. I mean…it’s not as bad as it was in your … Continue reading

T-Minus One Month: How’s That Purging Going?

It’s Thursday again, and if you’ve been sticking to our pact then you have purged 315 pieces of crap from your life. Congratulations, by the way. If you haven’t been purging like you promised yourself you would — I totally … Continue reading

Where Purgeday Thursday Meets Casual Friday;
And Not Just Because I’m Lazy!

Since I was too busy purging my ASS OFF yesterday to get a post up, {where by “purging my ass off” I mean “crying in to my taxes”} I thought this would be a great opportunity to tie our crap … Continue reading

Purgeday Thursday: It’s About Progress, Not Perfection (How Motivational Am I?)

If you’re sticking to our plan, you’ve evicted at least thirty five items from your life this week. If you haven’t started yet, that’s okay. Everyone gets an A for effort in this program. If you have no idea what … Continue reading