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Mensch With A Kindle

Remember that little guy? Our Mensch? He promised to give away a Kindle Fire to the Mensch out there who got up to the worst antics in the post-Hannukah season. In true mischievous fashion, he’s tardy in announcing his winner. All him, guys. All him. Lisa Klein’s Mensch wasn’t quite as mischievous as ours — he managed to keep his… Read more →

Stick It To Your Instagrams

I had no idea when I ordered a couple of sets of StickyGrams to check out that they were going to turn out to be a full-blown obsession. Well, color me a fool. They are crazy fun. [StickyGram sponsored this post, but full-blown obsession can’t be bought.] What are StickyGrams? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. StickyGrams are tiny little magnet-backed prints of… Read more →

There Are Many Ways To Wipe

I’m sitting at my desk alone laughing before I even type a single word of this post. I guess because I’m just really immature and also not at all squeamish about these things because hey…everyone poops, right? When Cottonelle approached me to participate in their #LetsTalkBums campaign it was fresh on the heels of one of the most enlightening bathroom… Read more →