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Wedded Bliss x2

Two years ago today, Scott and I said our I Do’s.    Can’t believe we’ve made two laps around the sun already. We opted not to hire a videographer for our wedding, and instead passed out old Super 8 cameras to let our guests capture the day.     Thanks to those ambitious guests who were game to give the Super 8’s a… Read more →

September is for Weddings

Okay, well, it was for my wedding, and as the time creeps up that I was preparing for my nupts (both last year and this year, since I’ve now been married for a WHOPPING two years!) I find myself getting a little nostalgic for the days of tear-sheets and hand-sewn programs.   (And I am reminded that I really need to… Read more →

When it rains, it pours.

I’ve known Damien for as long as I can remember, so seeing him get married was pretty surreal.   I mean, this is the guy who threw rotten fruit at me in the Krauss Family pool the day my first dog Courtney died, who dumped me into a vat of un-jelled strawberry jello, tinting my chlorinated hair pink  the night… Read more →

Move Over Martha!

My cousin Adam married his high school sweetheart Stephanie in a beautiful ceremony at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (what can I say?  Puppy love runs in the family.)   After arriving on the Party Bus (a shuttle which took us from Long Island to Brooklyn) we were greeted by fizzy glasses of Champagne, and bamboo parasols to shield us from the sun… Read more →