Born To Be Wild

Learning to ride a motorcycle is an emotional undertaking. I don’t think that’s a chick thing, either. I think across the board if you can give yourself over to the experience then it’s going to give your confidence a kick in the rear. Especially the way the world is right now. All over-connected and socially mediated and all that jazz.… Read more →

Well, Shit.

Yesterday, a squirrel ran out into the street and under Scott’s car.  Except it wasn’t a squirrel.  It weighs about a pound, but we’re pretty sure it’s a dog of some kind. It’s just…let me remind you that I currently share my home with a sixty lb puppy, so you’ll excuse my confusion when upon realizing that this little girl… Read more →

Cool or Crazy? Plus John Legend & Sade in a Box.

Like, a super sweet suite box: Thanks to Jen and Barb of Mom Life for the invite.  It’s rad when fellow working Moms recognize each other and treat each other to nice things. I really can’t thank Jen and Barb enough for this much needed break. But first, before spending an evening in a fancy-ass box at Staples Center drinking wine… Read more →