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Born To Be Wild

Learning to ride a motorcycle is an emotional undertaking. I don’t think that’s a chick thing, either. I think across the board if you can give yourself over to the experience then it’s going to give your confidence a kick … Continue reading

Must Love Dogs

Seven years ago, when Scott came home from the restaurant he managed and told me he was going to start a dog walking business, I was not super psyched. But as it turned out, this was no ordinary dog walking … Continue reading

Well, Shit.

Yesterday, a squirrel ran out into the street and under Scott’s car.  Except it wasn’t a squirrel.  It weighs about a pound, but we’re pretty sure it’s a dog of some kind. It’s just…let me remind you that I currently … Continue reading

Milk, It Does A Body Good. Pass it on.

Remember that Milk Board slogan from the 80’s?  GOT MILK really is much more succinct. Anyway, now the Milk Board has followed you to my blog.  No really, this post is sponsored by the Milk Board of California. Because California … Continue reading

Cool or Crazy? Plus John Legend & Sade in a Box.

Like, a super sweet suite box: Thanks to Jen and Barb of Mom Life for the invite.  It’s rad when fellow working Moms recognize each other and treat each other to nice things. I really can’t thank Jen and Barb enough … Continue reading