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Nirvana Unplugged.

Plugged. That’s how I’ve been feeling. The world has been spinning tragedy at breakneck speed, and all of it is delivered directly to my brain via the Internet, which I can’t seem to stop looking at. Even the good sometimes comes at me too quickly to bear. And this thing? This red tape covered, bucket-of-cold-water-to-the-face, no-do-overs adulthood thing? It has… Read more →

Never Trust A Big Butt And A Smile”

If this isn’t the greatest photo ever taken, well then I just don’t know what. Because obviously MTV Generation + BBD = ALL THIS ^^. We are in it to win it you guys. [Those buck ladies grooving with me are my fellow travelers through the blogosphere (from right) Cara, Jessica, Jen, Heather, Jill, Me (duh), Isabel, & Heather, if you don’t… Read more →

The Mother Of All Narrative Cinema; Alice Guy-Blache Finally Gets Her Due

Have you ever heard of Alice Guy-Blache? My friend Julie emailed me about this kickstarter for a documentary about Alice, and I was kind of shocked that I had no idea who she was, to be honest. I mean, not that I know about all the things, but I went to NYU film school where they are very serious about the… Read more →