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This One Time, Children’s Hospital LA Saved My Life #MiracleMarathon

I was three years old. My recurring ear infections had given way to mastoiditis, and there was a chunk of my head that had to go before the infection could spread to my brain. My Dad worked for himself, so my parents … Continue reading

I Hate Hope

It was a mantra of mine for a while. After Delilah was born, I was depressed for a really long time. Much, much longer than I really realized or was willing to admit. Mental illness is a funky chicken like … Continue reading

The Mom Who Travels

It was in January 2011 when I was faced with leaving Delilah over night for the first time. Scott and I had already made plans to meet Paul and Cariann at Alt Summit towards the end of the month when … Continue reading

I Love Instagram, So I’m Obviously An Expert.

I’m home alone (well, me and a pack of dogs) because Dee is at her Grandma’s house, Scott’s truck took a sh*t so he’s made off with my car, and no one appears to be on the internet, either.  But … Continue reading