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Valley Artist Natalia Fabia’s Work Is Truly Truly Truly Outrageous

From time to time I meet people who read this blog and have no idea what The818 is. (Even more frequently I meet people who don’t read this blog and have no idea what The818 is, but I digress.) And then … Continue reading

Get Your Zen On With Grown-Up Coloring Books

It’s a sad day here in the San Fernando Valley — our local Sanrio store is going out of business. Gone are the days of Kerokerokeroppi and 20 color pens within walking distance, and so when Delilah and I discovered the news … Continue reading

I Got A New Wallet And I Love It

It’s made of Tyvek house wrap, and this particular limited collection is the love child of paperwallet’s collaboration with Pianofuzz. So much sturdier than my big clunky fancy leather ladies wallet that I thought I needed to be an official grown … Continue reading

Luca & Company 3D Play Carpets

Luca & Company takes the idea of play carpets to a whole new level with these crisp, modern, three dimensional worlds. $150 for a 3×5 rug and limitless possibilities. L&C also designed these huge farm animal furniture/toys that I basically … Continue reading

Flor For Everyone!

I partnered with Flor and my friends at A2ZBoost and made you this video (with Dee) (And cartwheels). I’m pretty proud of it. I’m also pretty obsessed with my Flor rug. (Our pattern is Vintage Vibe in case you’re curious.) Just … Continue reading