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This would be more urgent if I were famous.

My Sister-In-Law Maegan is a very smart girl. She taught me that if you want something really fancy for your birthday, you tell everyone close that you want gift cards to the same place (say, Bloomies) and voila! Budget for that new Marc Jacobs bag! Well, guess what?  It TOTALLY works. (Especially when Maegan and her Mama – aka MeMa… Read more →

Purgeday Thursday: Out with the old, in with the new(ish)

You want to talk about a woman who knows how to get LA purging? That adorable {and remarkably collected} doyenne up there is a serious bad ass.  Her name is Kristin Nelson and she runs this thing called LA KIDS CONSIGNMENT that started with a few Moms doing a clothes swap in her driveway has become such a massive hit… Read more →