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No, YOU Get Off MY Internet

This morning, released their annual list of 100 Best Websites For Women. It includes everything from food blogs, to personal blogs, to corporate blogs, to message boards and community based sites. Reading through the list, as with most of these lists, I found that some choices were cutting edge, some obvious, some passé, but one choice was puzzling beyond… Read more →

Al’s #1 Italian Beef: Chicago, 3am

Amy and Katherine looking surprisingly natural after I yelled “DON’T LOOK AT ME! LOOK NATURAL!” I just got back from four days in Chicago at the 9th annual BlogHer Conference. If you’ve ever been on this sort of business trip, you probably know what I’m talking about when I say the days have blurred completely together (although that may have something to do… Read more →

Higher Altitude

{the lovely Design Mom welcoming attendees} I just started writing a soul searching blog post from the back of a conference room in Utah.  Because that’s what happens when you pause to refill your creative cup.  (Am I a cheese ball or what? I know, I’m sorry, but spending days talking to self-sustaining creative entrepreneurs kind of makes you feel… Read more →