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My lady’s been getting real good at taking selfies lately. She takes pictures of other things too, but the pictures she takes of herself are my favorite. She turned five last week and she threw all of her toddler caution … Continue reading

I Don’t Always Drink Wine, But When I Do I Get Drunk And Take Bad Selfies

If you follow me on twitter/instagram/facebook, you probably couldn’t ignore the fact that last week I hosted the opening party at the BlogHer conference — the Sundown Soiree, because everything at BlogHer has a fabulous name — sponsored by Eppa Sangria … Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July

From our family to yours, happy fourth! Have fun, be safe, keep all limbs intact.

A Porch is a Porch, Of Course of Course.

I was starting to get pruny from soaking in my geographical jealousy over the outdoor living spaces of my Southern friends when it hit me. I actually do have a porch. I mean, our house, which one could only really refer … Continue reading


My lady and I got our snuggles out. We here in Los Angeles don’t believe in “Spring”. I can’t. I just…I can’t even. “Mommy, want to see the funniest face I can make?” (She’s obsessed with all the big girl … Continue reading