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My lady and I got our snuggles out. We here in Los Angeles don’t believe in “Spring”. I can’t. I just…I can’t even. “Mommy, want to see the funniest face I can make?” (She’s obsessed with all the big girl … Continue reading

It’s Like The Best Inside Joke I’ve Ever Accidentally Told Everyone

Last week I wrote a post claiming that “that’s my jam” no longer meant “I love that” but rather, that kids today were using it as a euphemism for spanking the monkey. Which, you have to admit whether or not … Continue reading

And Then I Was An Old Person Using Slang That Made Me Sound Crazy (And Kind of Gross.)

In the late 90′s and early aughts (when I was a wee teen) the phrase “it’s my jam” was common. It meant “oooh, I love that!” or “this is my favorite song” or “I am really good at that.” I’m … Continue reading

Tattoo Test Drive: Temp Tats for Grown-Ups

[me sporting Feather, by Jen Mussara] It’s weird, as a kid I thought I was being all responsible to my future self by not getting visible tattoos (I have three easy-to-cover tattoos, but nothing on my arms/back/chest/neck/etc.). Now, as an … Continue reading

Heh Heh Heh

Sushi Staplers Peeping Notebook Pen Orgy Off/On Coffee Mug Meowing Cat Pencil Sharpener (It meows.)