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I Can Feel Time Passing Faster And It Is Seriously Freaking Me Out

I remember being five years old and realizing that it was already New Years again and saying “Wow! This year went by really fast!”. Oh, silly five year old me. You are silly. Now it’s like a blink and a … Continue reading

Blogging It Out.

I literally just had a pep-talk with myself that ended with “C’mon Morgan, blog it out.”  No, seriously. In case my radio-silence-followed-by-jealousy-post didn’t tip you off, I am having a week (or two) and while I stared aimlessly at my … Continue reading

Under Pressure

Sometimes I feel like I need to take my brain out, soak it in bleach for a while while the rest of me gets a massage and then put it back in. Then, and ONLY THEN will I feel completely … Continue reading

The More You Know…

Have you heard the rumblings about Prop 37? It’s a California ballot initiative that aims to require nearly all food sold in California containing genetically modified ingredients to be labeled accordingly. If passed, it would likely roll out to the … Continue reading

Never Forget.

{photo by Sara Moe} I was twenty years old and sleeping about a mile uptown when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Life changed in an instant. When Osama Bin Laden was killed, I found this letter I’d … Continue reading