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The Greatest Purge I’ve Ever Purged

Sunday night, Scott and I collapsed onto the couch, a little sunburned, totally exhausted, and really, really happy. Nope, we hadn’t spent the day at the beach.  (Not that you thought we did, since I bombed pretty much every form … Continue reading

I Threw My Fucking Back Out, And Also Cut Your Crap.

{Photo unrelated but awesome.} You guys…am I 100 years old? How the hell did I get old enough to throw my fucking back out? Oh that’s right. When my kid started weighing more than like 10 lbs and starting insisting … Continue reading

Cut Your Crap…Or Maybe Today I Should Go With “Get Your Shit Together”

Friends and lurkers, I am fucking up like a wildwoman lately.  My shit is NOT together.  My crap is NOT cut. In July I had a little moment of civil disobedience in Chase bank.  I was angry.  I had taken … Continue reading

Thirtyday Purgeday: Purging my 20’s

{If I can find the confidence at 30 I had at 3, I think we’re all going to be alright.} On my 20th Birthday Sara and I wandered around Wenceslas square in Prague, and she and Katie bought me this … Continue reading

PurgeDayThursday on Monday…Again.

Look, it’s a series about me needing to get my shit together. I make no excuses for my tardiness beyond that. But I do still really want you guys to join me on this journey. Link up, okay lurkers? We’ve … Continue reading