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Posts where I talk about my hair. {see category: “Me Talking About My Dogs.}

Soul: Crushed

{via the talented teddy smith} Recently, I went for it and got the mom-cut I’ve been threatening to get since I squeezed this baby out nearly three years ago. Except I like to think of it as a chic Michelle Williams modified pixie, rather than then stodgy valley soccer mom look that was so popular during my 1980s youth. I… Read more →

Laissez Hair: Three Minute No-Heat Curls”>HERE

Seriously, this took three minutes to do to damp hair and then I went to bed. Imagine how it will change your life when you can go from plane to party (like I did) and don’t have to even so much as pack that curling iron? You’ll need a headband like THIS. {The Hair-In-Progress} Update: The real beauty here is that you… Read more →