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Minor Housekeeping.

Can you see my sidebar?   I can, but I’ve heard rumblings that people are unable to find the “google friend connect” widget on this page, (it’s down and to the right.)   I’m aware that for some reason [which I haven’t yet figured out] Safari is showing my two column side bar as one column stacked on top of the other.  … Read more →

Technical Difficulties.

You may have noticed that this site was down for about 3 hours this morning.    Or that it’s lacking it’s usual lustre now that it’s returned.    Well…please bear with me, as this morning’s upgrade to the newest version of WordPress did not agree with my beloved theme.    This is not good for the hormones. Thanks to a generous and… Read more →

So many catch up posts, so little time.

I know, I know, I’ve been terribly remiss.   I’m breaking the rules of blogging, and backposting everything I’ve wanted to say and haven’t had time to in the last couple of weeks.   Hang on to your hats…we’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so if you’ve got the818 on your RSS feed, it’s about to blow up.   ‘Cause… Read more →

Too little too late.

If you are not a techno geek like me, skip ahead to a different post, because this one will bore you to tears and make no sense.   If you are a techno geek – especially one who spends hours trying to work out glitches in your extensively scripted DVD Studio Pro projects, then you are going to be so excited.  … Read more →