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The Art of Preservation with Heirloom Lab

I have a secret. A dirty, awful, shameful secret that makes me cringe whenever I remember that super adult thing that after seven years I still have not taken the time to do. This coming September will mark Scott’s and my seventh wedding anniversary. It will also be the 2,556th anniversary of how many days it has been (and counting)… Read more →

Never Trust A Big Butt And A Smile”

If this isn’t the greatest photo ever taken, well then I just don’t know what. Because obviously MTV Generation + BBD = ALL THIS ^^. We are in it to win it you guys. [Those buck ladies grooving with me are my fellow travelers through the blogosphere (from right) Cara, Jessica, Jen, Heather, Jill, Me (duh), Isabel, & Heather, if you don’t… Read more →


In my high school theater class, our teacher rushed in one day and excitedly told us we had to see Boogie Nights as soon as possible. There was an actor in it, this guy Philip Seymour Hoffman (RIP), who despite having a relatively small supporting role, she felt had given one of the greatest, most committed performances she had ever… Read more →