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Back In The World Again; Thank You, #ClimbOut

It’s often that posts of mine get stuck in the mental pipeline behind other posts because I have this order of how things happened, and who I promised what to, and what it says on the editorial calendar Lindsey keeps … Continue reading

Postpartum Depression Can Eat My Dust: Climb Out of the Darkness 2014

Four years ago I wanted to die. I wasn’t suicidal, to be clear, I made no plans — I was just sort of okay with the idea of not being alive any more. The sheer act of living was harder than I’d ever expected it to be and some days — the worst days — despite having a bouncing bundle of reasons to live in my seven month old baby, I just didn’t think I could do it anymore. Continue reading

Portrait of an Anxiety Spiral

It begins in my gut. What was that that bothered me? Shit. Now it’s in my chest but I still can’t remember what I stumbled across or thought about or saw that made me feel left out, forgotten about, less … Continue reading

Why You’ll Never Hear Me Call Myself A “Pothead Mom”…No Matter How High I Am.

Ever since Kiri Westby published her controversial and totally not anonymous piece “Confessions of a Pothead Mom” last week I’ve gotten many a text/DM/FB message/email from someone asking “Be honest — are you the HuffPo Pothead Mom?” I’m not, of … Continue reading

Depression Is My Sister Wife

This morning, Dee woke up early and jumped in to our bed. “Can we play Daddy?” she asked, as Scott rolled over and squeezed his eyes shut tighter. “You know what, Baby?” I cooed in her ear, “Daddy needs a little … Continue reading