Well, hello.

Morgan Shanahan (that’s me) is a blogger, director, and screenwriter living in Los Angeles with her daughter, husband, and three flatulent dogs. I also obsess a lot, on account of having actual OCD. (Who doesn’t?)

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After wildly over-sharing my personal life (complete with curse words) for several years here on The818.com, I moved on to BuzzFeed in 2014 where I’m now a Senior Editor. I also make videos like a boss. Wanna follow me on Instagram? C’mon over.

Writing here used to be my whole job, and that was awesome. If you want to check out the archives, look to your left. Sometimes I still dump my feelings here, and occasionally just write about stuff I think is cool, or important, or that my bosses won’t publish, so if you’re in to that kind of thing, sign up for my monthly newsletter.

See you on the internet! (Oh, and if you need advice on monetizing, starting, or growing your own personal blog, marketing your product or bolstering your internet presence, I am happy to consult on that — send me an email for rates and information!) (See? Blog monetized. Pow.)