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My psychiatrist recently told me it could take a year or more to truly recover from postpartum depression.  {Like, picture that scene from Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams is being all creepy intense with Matt Damon going “it’s not your fault” – it was kind of like that, but with more squirming uncomfortably and less crying and emotional man-hugs.} … Read more →

Social Media is a Warm Gun

“Depression exists in selfish people. Step outside yourself, helps others [sic] & you will feel better!” —@TheDailyLove The scary thing about social media is it has a nasty habit of allowing some dude who Googled stuff that one time and thought about some things and then decided maybe it would be fun to share them with his MySpace friends (I’m… Read more →

I carried a watermelon.


Me and this blog have been having a bit of a stand-off lately.   (And by lately, I mean for going on about eleven months now.)    It has a lot to do with the postpartum depression I haven’t really talked about, and the crippling, silencing shame I felt while lost in that abyss, but the way it’s manifested is totally… Read more →