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So, I’ve Been Thinking About The Shortcomings Of American Idol, And I Have Some Thoughts.


{Bo Bice asked to take a picture with me. What do you think about that?} So, this is really kind of awkward. I mean, when you get invited by AT&T to experience in person an awesome musical spectacular that fourteen million people across America are watching from their couches, you kind of feel like the only thing to say is… Read more →

After a season of sucking, Kara grows a sense of humor.

We all know I loathe that holier-than-thou egomaniac Kara Dioguardi.   But when she got up to upstage the only American Idol personality I find less appealing than herself (actually one of two, Tatiana Del Toro being the other) I found myself brimming with newfound respect for the newest and most obnoxious judge.   Bikini girl [aka Katrina Darrell,] whom they somehow… Read more →

I want to shave his head.

So, (as my friend David astutely observed) I’m pretty sure tonight AI is going to announce that they’re changing to the So You Think You Can Dance bottom 3 format (where the judges can save their faves during the first few weeks of the finals.)    This is particularly upsetting to me, because it means that the asshat pictured above is… Read more →