Chili Con Cone-ay

If we’re friends, you know I love me some chili.   If we’re not friends, know this:  I love me some effing chili.

A few months back, I was editing with Aaron and Eric when we came up with a brilliant idea for a new snack.   (I say WE, beacuse it was one of those ideas that is so great it could only possibly have come from a melding of the minds.)

What if you took cornbread, and baked it into a cone…  Stay with me…

Then, let’s say once that bread was a nice golden bronze, we’d fill it with some nice thick chunky chili, and top it off with a dollup of sour cream, maybe some green onions, shredded cheese, olives and the like.   You know what you’d have?   A delicious and convenient snack I’ve dubbed Chili Con Cone-ay, that‘s what.  (Or, in America, Chili in a Cone.)

Aaron once thought we’d been beaten to the punch, but it turned out to just be a hot beef sundae.   Not the same thing.   (Wow.  I never thought I’d utter/type the phrase “JUST a hot beef sundae.”)


Anyway – I was just reminded of the concept, and with all my new found free time, I think I’ll give it a go this weekend.   Who’s hungry?

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