Lost in the Supermarket


So, I’ve gone and changed my hair color again, although this time I’m pretty sure I know what brought on the drastic decision to yet again chop and dye my hair armed with only what I could find on aisle twelve at my neighborhood Ralph’s.

2009 already looks to be a year of challenges and transitions, although I hope to rise to the occasion and also make it a year of great accomplishment and new beginnings.

I’m calling this look “recession hair.”   When you hit the dye bottle as hard as I do, you start to learn a thing or two.   I’ve learned that dark hair is the best for concealing a crappy haircut or uneven color.   While the red was fun for a while, I had started to feel like a crazy European divorcée whenever I’d go out uncoiffed, and with all those years of peroxide underneath, I’d end up having to re-color on a bi-monthly basis.

By the time I impatiently took the shears to my own head (three years of wedding hair got sucked up by the Dyson – it never loses suction) there was no turning back.   There’s a reason I’d spent the last five years paying 80$ a haircut.   Turning your head upside down and chopping upwards with your crafting scissors does not achieve the desired effect.

Ten minutes in the bathroom with Clairol’s new miracle product Perfect 10 later, (and a few more snips with the shears) my formerly long blond hair, turned mid-length red hair is now officially short choppy not-quite-black hair. I’m back in black. And now, I leave you with a song:

Feed Me Seymour