Electric Harmony


Last night – I got to see my favorite band (and two of my favorite people) play at the Hotel Cafe.

After a nine month hiatus, Alex and Angela were back in LA with a vengeance (en route to Austin to play SXSW – so if you’re heading down to Texas, or live there, check them out!)   It was great to see our buddies – so many of our friends have hightailed it out of Los Angeles in recent months, both permanently (that’s you, Burgers…boooooooo) and temporarily (that’s you, Amelia, who I’m so happy will be back for good this summer!) and I, for one, am really getting sick of it.     All I can do now is hope that my dear friends aren’t wooed by the laid back midwestern lifestyle they’re currently enjoying in Iowa City, and return as promised to the land of porn and stripmalls.

Getting to have A&A here for the weekend was an amazing treat, and getting to see them sing together…well that’s like the cherry on top.

If you haven’t already downloaded The Damnwell’s latest album ONE LAST CENTURY, which they’re generously giving away for free, you can still get it at www.thedamnwells.com.   And if you’ve never heard The Damnwells…isn’t it about time you did?   They’re damn good.

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