Things Scott Says #3

“Uh…no big deal Babe, but I got bit a little, so I’m just going to head over to the ER and get cleaned up.   I’ll be home in a couple of hours.”


That was the phone call I got from Scott on Monday night, as I waited at home for Monday Awesome Day to start (this is what we call our standing weekly date night.)    Well, needless to say, this particular Monday was NOT awesome.

Scott, ever dedicated to his work, took on an angry German Shepherd.   In a fight.   Mano-a-Incisivo.    As far as epic dog/human battles go, we think Scotty won this round, the dog eventually reached that famous “calm submissive state” but he wasn’t bleeding.   (Scott was.   Rather profusely.   At one point an orderly walked by and noticed Scott – having just taken nineteen shots to the hand, looking slightly pale on his blood covered ER bed, blood pouring down both arms – and exclaimed “Uh – Did you just pull something out of your hand?  Does the doctor know about that?  That doesn’t look good…”)

The dog took a few bites out of his hands and arms (one rather impressive bruise on Scott’s forearm shows a full impression of the beast’s mouth) but with a couple of stitches, and a fierce course of antibiotics (we’ve spent just about every night this week visiting our new favorite doctor at the Encino Emergency Room) Scotty’s healing up nicely, and is back out with the pack today.   This weekend, he even plans to go visit his personal Apollo Creed with his partner Jesse, to make sure they’ve nipped this aggression thing in the bud.

Occupational hazard I suppose.   From now on though, he wears falconer gloves to meet new dogs.   Like this:


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