Amy and Goose – the setup.

This trip to NY is proving wonderful for many reasons.   The ladies of 224 were reunited under one roof.    Dashiell can now point in response to the question “Where’s Morgan” without having to think about it too hard.    And Amy and Magnus (or “Goose” as Scott likes to call him) are getting married tomorrow.   Today, after a lovely diner breakfast with Scott, Sara, and Dash, we made our way over to the Van Ender Onderdonk house in Queens, where Amy and Mags will be saying their “I Do’s.”   The house is historic.   It’s been around since the New Amsterdam Era, and in between our sweeping and raking and general organizing in preparation for the wedding that will be taking place there tomorrow, we were offered many tours and informational tidbits by the house staff (the original kitchen was in the basement…crazy old house!)   They also encouraged us to touch the colonial artifacts they have displayed around the house – including an 19th Century Musket!

Anyway, it’s exciting to see Amy and Magnus’ day taking shape…if the weather report is right, they’re going to have managed to plan this picture perfect picnic wedding for the very first day of Spring.   It was amazing being with my college roomies for this special day, and watching Dashy run around, making everyone fall in love with him.   It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all living in the basement of that run down building on 13th Street, with Sophie as a tiny puppy, rivaling frat boys with our lack of hygene.   Ahhh….the good ‘ol days.

And thanks to Amy and Magnus, we all ended the day with entirely too much Pizza and general meat and cheese deliciousness (and a little sunburned) @ a place called Roberta’s somewhere in Brooklyn.   Some days I really miss New York.

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