Kumar goes to the White House


HOUSE SPOILER.   If you are behind on your TiVo, read no further.

So, Scott and I were shocked, SHOCKED last night when Lawrence Kutner, Kal Penn’s character on House (we love House – it’s totally picking up Grey’s Anatomy’s slack) inexplicably shot himself in the face. At first, I chocked it up to the House writing staff’s affinity for offing series regulars for ratings.  But this morning, I learned the real reason why.  (You may know this already, but it was news to me.)   It turns out, Kal Penn has accepted a job at the White House.  (Well, the Eisenhower Executive Office Bldg next to the white house, but still.)  He is going to be serving as President Obama’s “Front Door” (an Associate Director in the office of Public Liaison) acting as an emissary to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities, and various arts and entertainment groups.  According to Penn it’s a similar position to what he was doing on the stump with the Prez, where he was a big hit speaking on College Campuses.   ‘Cause you know…he’s Kumar.   And Taj, the titty-slip-and-slide-riding sidekick from Van Wilder, for that matter.

See?   This is why I love Obama.   “So What?   You were the star of two of the top grossing stoner comedies of the century (so far) and did a scene where you toked up with President Bush.   You’re hired.”

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