Thar She Grows.


20 weeks.   How pregnant I look is still varying from day to day, based on how much Chili I can stuff in there, or how recently I visited the ladies room.   Scott disagrees, but I can’t help but think the bump has been reduced back to lump this week.   Thanks to my awesome friend Heather @ Childish Clothing, I now have a sweet new Maternity Wardrobe, and much to the surprise of everyone around me, have taken to gettting dressed again.

The hunger has returned, and my ass is expanding about as quickly as my stomach… gone are the days of my short-lived yoga arms and my thighs are rapidly becoming reacquainted as the space between them vanishes.  Oh, little girl…all 36 lbs of lost wedding weight are piling right back on – see how much I love you already?  (Well, you and cheeseburgers.)   I hope you love my Vera Wang gown as much as I did, because Grandma insisted we save it for you, and now that it’s clear you’ve got lady parts, I don’t think I’ll ever convince her to let me sell the damn thing.

* * *

I’m pleased to announce that Scott and I have decided to stay put in our beloved duplex, so nursery decorating, and house rearranging will commence shortly.

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