You can't do that on television.


I’m no dancer (I mean, I did win a t-shirt in the Ellen Show dance contest for pregnant chicks, but still…) – so I’ve got to respect anyone who gets up onstage to audition for So You Think You Can Dance.   Apparently, so does choreographer Sonya Tayeh.  (How do you like THAT Girl-Hawk?)  Sonya debuted last season as a guest choreographer, and on last night’s premiere of So You Think You Can Dance, she was called back as a guest judge (along with Nappy Tabs, who I can’t get enough of.)   Now, undoubtedly Sonya’s choreography was some of the more interesting stuff we got to see last season, but is that any excuse for her to literally climax on the judges platform during every.single.audition?   I thought poor uptight british Niles was going to pass out – he looked as uncomfortable with her writhing and nonsensical exclamations as she looked in ecstasy.  It was freaky.   And quite frankly, I thought she was majorly over reacting on quite a few occaisions.   But again – I’m no dancer.   So maybe I missed something.   (Sorry Sonya, but the unbearable Mia Michaels wasn’t on this week, so I’m picking on you.)

SYTYCD, and the trash that VH1 airs, are the shows that usually get Scott and I through the summer hiatus.   (Honestly – what’s a night of TV watching if there’s no one to mock?   SYTYCD provides both genuine entertainment, and Mary Murphy, who’s always worth making fun of.)   Last year we were constantly awed by Katie and Joshua, and this year, I’ve already got my eye on a few contestants to love, lead by Natalie Reid, Katie’s roommate who was left out of the top 20 last season.   I’m also psyched for that tap dancing dude – it would be really nice to see a new specialty brought to the top 20 stage this year.

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