Minor Housekeeping.

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Can you see my sidebar?   I can, but I’ve heard rumblings that people are unable to find the “google friend connect” widget on this page, (it’s down and to the right.)   I’m aware that for some reason [which I haven’t yet figured out] Safari is showing my two column side bar as one column stacked on top of the other.   I’m working on that.   Currently, this site is best viewed in Firefox.

Also, my super sweet GIVEAWAY for the awesome Dalla Nonna Calendar Necklace is still running for another four days, so if you haven’t entered yet, you can still do so here.

Two of a Kind is giving away an adorable MyMonkeyMoo Stroller Pad set.   You can check it out here.

And seeing as this post is providing absolutely zero entertainment value, you can read the bizarre (and disturbing and sad) story of a woman who gave birth in a port-a-potty only to leave her baby in the plastic cesspool while she stepped outside and smoked a cigarette here and here.  People are fucked up.    It’s like those women on TLC’s “I didn’t know I was pregnant.”   I mean, c’mon ladies.   HOW the HELL could you not know you were pregnant?

…Since I’m randomly rambling here – have you downloaded the new OS for your iPhone yet?   It’s freakin’ awesome.   Do it.

Lastly, it’s my Dad’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Pop!

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