So, as you may have guessed, I haven’t quite returned to the land of the living yet – having a 5 day old is pretty exhausting, but I’m loving every minute of it (well, except the part where it feels like someone drove a Mack Truck through my lady business.   Seriously.)   Anyway – I just found out that is a finalist in’s Mommy Blog Awards for Best Pregnancy Blog.   So if you want to make a tired new Mama happy, click the badge (or HERE) to vote for The818, and check out the other great blogs the Bump is featuring (including my favorite Daddy Blogger Kenny @ Smonk You, and my friend Blair, who is tweeting her labor as I type.)

Scott and I have been overwhelmed by the insane generosity of our family and friends who are making this as easy on us two fumbling fools blindly trying to figure out this parenthood thing as we could have ever hoped.   We’re both bursting at the seams, and it’s so nice to have gotten so many warm welcomes and well wishes for our little girl.    Having survived our first three nights at home (just barely) I’m now braving day one by myself with the poop monster (she’s sleeping on me as I type one handed, I’m not neglecting her, I promise!)

To bribe you to vote for The818 (and hopefully spread the word via the social media of your choice) here are some pictures of Sweet D during her first days.    More to follow (Scott’s taken over 600 already, so we’re still sorting through) and as soon as I can sit in a chair long enough to type out my birth story, I’ll be posting it!


In the Hospital


The Dreaded Post-Delivery Shot


With Aunt Marissa and Cousin Eva


With Aunt Maegan


Focused on Daddy

Feed Me Seymour