The EastOver Bunny

I’m just gonna go ahead and let my inner Jewish child come out and say it: “How come all the stuff for Easter is so much cuter than all the stuff for Passover?”   Because while Dee enjoyed her plush bag of Plagues, and the adorable Matzoh-Bib Grandma Margie got for her (pictured, right) the image of an infant using a stuffed Locust as a teething toy just doesn’t quite have the same effect as the photo above.

As usual, Holiday-Time does double duty in our interfaith household – Monday we took Dee to her first Seder (although we didn’t make it past the gefilte fish before bedtime struck) and today she’ll enjoy watching her LA cousins search for the Golden Easter Egg (and we’ll be missing you – Eva and Lo – next year we must egg-hunt, and cuddle plush plagues together!)

So Happy East-Over.   Pesaster.   (That’s Pesach and Easter.)   Whichever Holiday you call your own, we hope it was/is a lovely one.   And if you don’t celebrate any of the above, well then I hope you enjoyed the long weekend, and have a lovely Sunday.

[Oh, and the photo doesn’t really do it justice, but Delilah is wearing her “Baby Jesus is my Homeboy” onesie in honor of the occasion.   Don’t worry Mom, she’s still going to be Bat Mitzvah’d, and yes I know Grandma Sharon is rolling over in her grave.   Hopefully she’ll be charmed by how cute her great-grandchild looks in those fuzzy bunny ears, and forgive me.]

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