Holy crap this is cool.

So you’re looking at [estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko’s] Smart Kid Conversion Kit, and you’re probably thinking “well, that’s pretty.”   And it is.    But it’s so much more than that.

Is your mind blown?   Hold on.

This might be my favorite variation.   I’ve been trying to get Scott to build almost this exact thing (sans chalkboard back, which is pretty brilliant and has just been added to my plea.)  Because there are literally NO pretty play pens out there. {At least none that I’ve seen.  If you know of one, please! share!}   But wait…one more…

Man I love this design.  Nursery furniture with the shelf life of a twinkie.  Pavel Sidorenko is a genius.   He set out to conserve both money and natural resources with his design, and if you live in Belgium and don’t have to pay the $700+ shipping charge, then I would say he succeeded hands down.   Plus it’s really pretty. And even if you live here in North America and you do have to shell out for shipping, $1100 for your Crib, Changer, Mattress, Dresser, Desk, Playpen, and Magazine Rack/Chalkboard thingy really isn’t that bad.

Also worth checking out (in addition to EVERYTHING ELSE EVER DESIGNED BY THIS DUDE) is his Rocking Horse/Toy Bin/Cradle combo.   Both designs are available through Adensen Furniture.

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