Home Sweet 818

We’ve been away, but now we’re back.  Five days.  NYC.  Me & Dee (and Lindsey, and kind of mostly Lindsey and Dee, but still.)  11 hours in the air.  102 stops on the F train.   It was crazy.   But it was awesome.  #BlogHer10  (Whoops.   I’m just so used to doing that.   Sorry if I polluted your twitter stream.   I meant to warn you, but y’know…life.)   I’ll do my best to confine the post-game to a single post.   But not this post.   zzzzzzzzz.

p.s. ~ kind of amazing how many brand logos are crammed into this seemingly stark photo, huh?   Sneaky sneaky.

p.p.s. ~ did you see that Dee’s Nursery made an appearance on Ohdeedoh while we were gone?

p.p.p.s. ~ Today’s the last day you can enter to win the Hoot Design Co Simply Baby Print.   Okay, now zzzzzzzzzz for real.

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