High School Musical

So, in honor of my newfound love for Glee (did I mention that I newly love Glee?   I really do) and the fact that it is season premiering tonight, I thought I would wax nostalgic and dust off the old high school year book to scan some humiliating photos of my days as a bona fide Drama Geek, and also to brag about all of my old high school buddies who are big fancy celebrities now (like, Katharine McPhee, Rachel Bilson, and Rami Malek ~ who, you might kind-of-sort-of recognize as the hunky Pharoah from Night at the Museum and some other stuff, but come 2012, let’s just say you could find yourself sporting a shirt that says Team Ramior whatever.)

But I digress.   The point is…I called up my Mom, we dug out my year book, and when I went to scan the photos…lo and behold…I’M NOT FREAKING IN ANY.   Not even the cast photo, above.    I mean, technically I wasn’t *cast* for the musical…I can’t sing a lick, so I earned my t-shirt, the privilege of skipping class for tech rehearsal, and entrance to the cast party by serving as Stage Manager on the 1999 Spring Production of “Once Upon a Mattress.”  (See?   Drama Geek.) But still, man.   C’mon!

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