Cool or Crazy; Creepy Internet Creepster Edition

First of all, it’s awesome how offensively bad I am at taking these [so-called] outfit shots.

{nice face, self.}

Secondly, Cool or Crazy is totally my new favorite [hopefully if I can get my shit together] blog feature ever.   (Well, since pregnancy, obviously.)   So I thought I might take a moment to remind you what happened…PREVIOUSLY, ON COOL OR CRAZY.

Scott wasn’t home, and I had to get dressed for a meeting.   This was the end result:

But after an awkward run-in with an overly complimentary teenage Barista of questionable taste at my local Starbucks, I decided to turn to you, readers of The818, to help me find my way to grown-up dressing without losing my own, er…sometimes eccentric, personal style.   Your responses were basically split down the middle on the cool vs. crazy front.   But the repeating trend was, approximately half of blog readers polled thought my jeans looked like a Rorschach test gone awry.  (No seriously, I got called that.)   On the bright side, at least you guys had me laughing while you politely trashed my fashion sense:

Ouch.  Both because I’m now second guessing my outfit, AND there’s Pomegranate Juice up my nose.

So it is with mild trepidation that I give you –

Cool or Crazy: Creepy Internet Creepster Edition.

* * *

Once upon a time I was a regular person with a regular job in a regular office around other regular people.   I went out after work, I slept over at my boyfriend’s house, and I generally existed in the outside world on a daily basis.   But those days are over.   Now I’m the kind of weirdo who works from home, wears pajamas at two in the afternoon, and talks to strangers online instead of coworkers in the next cubicle.

{I’m also the kind of weirdo who doesn’t know how to use her camera, is super awkward in front of it, and can’t frame a self-portrait to save her life.}

So naturally, being a totally creepy internet person now, I have frighteningly little reservation about taking my fourteen month old baby to meet strangers who I trust are not Ted Bundy based solely on their word and some really really cute baby pictures on a website somewhere.

All joking aside (anyway don’t worry, we met in a well populated public place) when one of my oldest and dearest internet friends (we go back like a year and a half, dudes) showed up in my hometown for the holidays, I showered, got dressed, and did my best to appear like a real person in preparation to meet the famous-in-our-house Kenny, Staci, and Miloh. We’ve been following each others lives, and have watched each other’s children grow since Staci and I were both pregnant.   I loved reading along as Kenny made many of the same faux paus as Scott did on the road from dude to dad, all the while tracking his wife’s burgeoning belly with the loving eye of a gifted photog…which he is, amongst other awesomely creative things (have you seen his info graphics?) and getting to spend some time with all of them was both effortless and awesome.   I wish they lived here, because we would totally have awesome play dates all the time.

Anyway – more on that tomorrow after Kenny shares his pictures from our visit, because once again, I ended up with nothing but this iPhone shot thanks to a pretty cranky Dee:

Okay, back to me and my outfit.   Kenny, for the record, voted my last attempt a resounding CRAZY, so I was hoping not to scare him and his family out of The Valley for good.

Top to bottom:

Necklace –

Tank – William Rast for Target

Sweater – Express (on sale, and DAMMIT do I hate admitting when I shop there.)

Leggings – Hue

Boots – Minnetonka Woodstock Boot

I guess the pants and boots are probably the wild card on this outfit, but I love both of them.   The leggings are black with gold flecks in them (which the sweater has too) and are totally rad, and the boots are all fringe-y.   Since they’re kind of falling off into blackness thanks to my limited knowledge of photography, here’s an iPhone close up so you can appropriately judge me.

That’s it!   How’d I do?   And more importantly, should I start adding Delilah’s wardrobe to these posts?   She’s much better dressed than me.

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