Baby DeeDee

Speaking of purging…my big cousin is having her first baby (a girl!) and I’ve been putting aside some of our favorite things to send her (whoops, cuz ~ I hope you’re too busy being pregnant to stay up to date on my blog or I just ruined the surprise) but yesterday as I packed items away, there was one in particular that Dee didn’t seem quite ready to pass on to her baby-cousin-twice-removed-to-be just yet.

Have you seen these sweet “sleep nests” before?   I was first drawn to it because a) I’m a whore for pretty design-y things, and b) it’s name – Baby DeeDee – exactly what my beloved nieces and honorary nephew Dashiell called my tiny little baby Dee.   {But they’re really quite lovely, soft, light but warm, snaps and zips so you can get your little newborn slug in and out about 100 different ways.}  Anyway…I had to admit as she traipsed around the house wearing the sleepnest as a vest, my sweet Baby DeeDee isn’t such a baby anymore…


*   *   *

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