Eco Conscious with Style.

{That up there? It’s called the Table Tot from Counter EV and it’s for the kiddos.}

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m becoming more and more of a social-media-phile these days.   That’s because the more time I spend isolated in my Expedit Prison, the more I really embrace the undeniable fact that social media is awesome.  Sure, it has a time and a place, {ie: not at the dinner table} but that time and that place is expanding, and as long as we take care to keep a balance between our online lives and our real lives, we have this incredible opportunity to connect with people we might never have other wise had the pleasure of meeting, and discovering things we otherwise might never have found.

That’s the case with Patrice and Jim Malone – the brother and sister team behind Counter Evolution.  As I understand it, Jim does the designing, and Patrice is just lovely to socialize with on the internet, while handling the company’s outreach. I don’t know how we ended up following each other, but I do know that I’m glad we did.   I mean, LOOK AT WHAT THEY CAN DO WITH RECLAIMED BOWLING ALLEY WOOD. Great design. Great people.  And eco-conscious to boot. See?  Double whammy.  It’s Earth Day, and here I made new friends who built a business of reclaimed materials.  Twitter is magic. I’ve said it before.

What unlikely friends have you made between glimpses of the Fail Whale?  Because it’s been a goldmine of love-connections for me.

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