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Yesterday when I said the internet was magic? I didn’t even really get it at all. Only now, MAYBE, I think I’m starting to sort of understand just what an incredible community of people these fiber optics connect.   I mean, the internet made Lullabies for Getty possible.  So there’s that.   And then yesterday it launched.

First my beautiful Sister-in-Law Maegan posted THIS.

My girl Mandy was also up n’ at ’em early with THIS POST.

And friend of mine and Getty’s alike Kenny spread the news about ours, and another great (and cool) cause.

Then the impenetrable Jessica Gottlieb shocked her readers with THIS.

Andrea eloquently shared Getty’s story with her readers, and hit twitter like a madwoman {as did so many others, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ONE MILLION TIMES}

Rebecca had just gotten similarly devastating news from a reader, and did this emotional post on Getty and her fellow SMA fighter, Lucy.

Alex got inspired, and started spreading the word in any way she could.

Crissy and Jill implored their readers to take up the cause, as did straight-to-the-point odds-beater extraordinaire Anissa who also went ahead and contacted all her friends to do the same.

Eileen dug into her own pocket to host a giveaway of the album for her readers.

Emily of UffDa joined in, offering 100% of proceeds made from the purchase of any perfect poppy headbands to the Getty Owl Foundation, plus 20% of this weeks sales from her shop will go to Getty’s cause as well.

Miss Getty made the front page of BlogHer.

Ohdeedoh named Sweet Water Child their “Daily Find”

And the uber hip ladies of Cool Mom Picks shared the little album that could with their dedicated army of Moms in the know.

Posts about Getty and Sweet Water Child have been popping up everywhere, with EVEN MORE generous bloggers pledging their support to continue to spread the word in the weeks to come, and I can’t even say how incredible it has been to watch from this end as you guys pushed Alex and Angela’s labor of love straight up to #7 on the iTunes Children’s Chart it’s very first day on sale.

Stacey, Angela, Alex (who is ON TOUR amidst all this!) and I are floating on an electrified cloud of excitement, and I know that Kate, Mark, and Getty have been feeling incredible “warm fuzzies” {as Kate, who maintains so much class, humor, and grace even in the face of adversity it would blow your mind, put it} watching this all unfold from Getty’s iPad.

So if you bought the album yesterday, THANK YOU.   If you tweeted about it, or shared it on Facebook, THANK YOU.   If you posted about it and I haven’t seen it yet, please leave it in the comments so I can add you to this post…and of course, extra double THANK YOU.

THIS is what makes the Internet magic.  You.

So as a THANK YOU gift, today we’re going to give away 5 copies of Sweet Water Child: Lullabies for Getty on Twitter.   Follow @lulbiesforgetty and simply send a tweet asking your friends to check out the cause.  That’s it ~ you’ve entered.  Anyone following @lulbiesforgetty who tweets about the album today is eligible to win, in fact, whether they know it or not.   And if you’ve already bought one, then feel free to share it with a friend, or give it away on your own blog as a way to spread the word.


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