Dudes: I totally went to the Idol Finale.

So, if you follow me on Twitter (which uh…if you don’t, I can wait while you go ahead and click over) then you may have noticed that I WAS LIVE AT THE AMERICAN IDOL FINALE AND AFTER PARTY LAST NIGHT BITCHESSSS. (To be clear, I’m not calling you guys bitches, I’m just using the slang to make myself feel bad ass, but Scott HATES it when I do it to him, so consider this my disclaimer to you.)

Anyway. The burning question. WHY did I get to do something so awesome? The answer is simple (and the FCC is going to make me tell you anyway). I spent my day with the lovely folks from Ford at Dodger Stadium playing chicken with cars that can’t crash. No seriously. Remember that traumatic accident I had back in February which continues to be a boil on the face of my life? I saw technology yesterday that would have prevented it in four different ways. “Active Safety” they call it. And also ~ this is effing cool:


So, more on the Idol of it all later once my head stops spinning. Because Gaga, Bono, Beyonce, J Lo, not to mention making out with Gordon Ramsay? (Okay he told me I looked like Julia Roberts – ha! – kissed me on the cheek, and told me to behave, but that’s the same, right?) I gotta digest the insanity {and take a few advil} first.

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