Cool Stuff for Kiddos

I always have big plans to do huge posts about the genius of all these cool things I find, but instead, I’m just going to embrace my scattery life, and do a roundup of the kid stuff that I’m going goo-goo for these days….whether I own it or not.

The Teddy Bag converts into a table and chair for your little one.  {via}

Okay, that right there is a Zoli Bot and it is the single greatest sippy cup Dee and I have ever encountered.  I honestly could not be more psyched about it’s discovery (and pretty much everything else in the genius Zoli line.)

 This sucker has a weighted piece at the bottom of the straw so that Dee can drink either upright OR lying down.  How freaking genius is that?   I invested in the cup after nights of her requiring two water cups since she wasn’t digging on holding her cups upright when sitting up.  Picky, I know.   Anyway, I stumbled across the Zoli cup in Right Start and I knew it was the answer to our problems.  I was right.  This thing rules.  LOVE.

Haven’t figured out what we’ll do for Dee’s Toddler bed yet…we know we’re getting close but we’re not quite ready for her to have free reign just yet.   When we are, I don’t know what Scott is going to come up with that is going to be badder-ass than that Girly Girl RaceCar bed from Just Kids.  {via and Thanks to my beloved Kate for the tip.}

Potty training is just around the corner.  I love this froggy friend step stool from Giggle, and to wrap things up…everything bathroom-y and awesome from Jahgoo’s baby products.   Jaghoo founder Hans has a mission statement that is right up my alley:  [Jaghoo is] a world that was created because I did not want my bathroom to be clogged with outdated, space-hogging eyesores, crying out for a redesign.

Nice work, Hans.  Very nice work indeed.

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