I have the sudden urge to gut a building.

Because I would fill it with these corrugated walls by MOLO Design.  They make entire structures out of cardboard and paper.  It’s sick.  (In the good way.  Like how you used the word in the ’90s.)

The above are parts of their display from Dwell on Design.  I could have spent hours in there, but I’m bad with time, so I only had minutes.

Here’s some of their show-offi-cool-ness from their own site:

Oh, and their lounger, which I had a chance to flop all over and take blurry pictures of at Dwell.  But,  I mean, right?

Other stuff I’m still drooling over from Dwell?
Wallter’s new hanging planters have invaded my dreams.

I wonder how they’d hold up in my corrugated cardboard house?   I’m thinking I should finally buy that old Motel I’ve had my eye on (psssssh) and turn it into an artists residence to be reckoned with for all of us work-at-homers desperate for a place to find inspiration…and corrugated walls seem like ideas would bounce much better off of them than plaster ones.  Don’t you think?

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