I don’t know why I couldn’t wake up this first day of fall feeling chipper and raring to go.  But I didn’t.  I woke up feeling stupid and clumsy and shitty.  I had a panic attack before breakfast.  Yesterday, I went and put my big foot in my mouth on the internet.  You can’t take that shit back.   It’s like I have a shame hangover.  So despite feeling like sludge and wanting to cancel everything I said I’d do today, I’m here forcing out a blog post so I can stop falling and start fall.


My beautiful nieces were here this weekend.  Delilah gets sofckingexcited to hang out with her Cousins – which is pretty much how she refers to them, although she does know their individual names, she just yells “Cousins – come play!”  “Cousins!  Spin me!”  “Cousins!  Come in Dee’s room!”  (That’s my favorite thing she says.  “Come in Dee’s room.”  Cracks me up every time – she’ll yell that from across the house “Mommy!  I in Dee’s room!”   That and “I happy to see you Mommy.”  It’s like her version of “I love you” which she has also started to say – but will apply to basically anything “Oooh! Crayons!  I love crayons.”  “Oooh!  Simba!  I love Simba!” so you’ll excuse me if “I happy to see you” which is reserved only for the specialist of moments with the biggest of smiles warms my foot-in-mouth-putting idiot heart just a little bit more.)

When I bore her (which is often now that it’s mostly her and me ’round these parts while I’m working during the day…womp womp) she grabs her stuff and says “I go to MeMa’s house.”  MeMa is what she’s decided to call her Grandma’s, both with the adorable distinction of said MeMa’s first name.   Also, after spending a weekend with my parents and Sister/Bro-in-law, Dee took to calling me Morgan for a bit.   I suddenly understand why my Mom hates it so much when I refer to her as “The Marge.”   Mom, my sincerest apologies.

Oh, and speaking of Marge and Lar — My parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary this weekend…and we celebrated right along side them. It’s pretty incredible to see – 40 years, and they still dig each other.

And did you see where you can win an iPad of $100 Gift Card to Cargoh on Facebook?   You should check that out.

So…friends and lurkers, how was your labor day?  {Actually mine was pretty great…until Scott fell asleep early on the couch leaving me to lay waste to the internet…ooops.}

Update: Apparently the first day of Fall isn’t for another two and a half weeks, so I’m not totally screwed…yet.

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