Because a LOT of People Do It On New Years.

October 5th. The infamous most popular birthday of the year. {I myself have an October 8th Baby so we all know how Scott and I rang in 2009.} Today, more women will give birth than on any other day of the year.

Are you ready for me to kick that horse again? 15% of those Moms will be diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. (OMG, I know – but c’mon, yesterday I gave you the talking toilet and THAT shit is funny – horrible pun yes intended again)

There is a woman I know who has taken on the tremendous burden of trying to help every single one of those Moms. I was one of those Moms. Katherine Stone helped me in ways I can’t describe just by introducing herself. She brought me into the realm of survivor in an instant by engulfing me in Warrior Moms, as she calls us, because as we reviewed in my recent mushy post to my Dad, we fight and we fight and we fight to get our lives back from that nasty beast. But we don’t give up, m*therfuckers. And now she’s gone and started a not-for-profit to make sure that all of the women who reach out to her get help. And even the ones she has to track down. Because she’s a crazy gorgeous fiery redhead and a badass, and like I said, she’s taken on this noble mission. Just like she showed me – she shouldn’t have to do it alone. The Postpartum Progress non-profit needs funding. Can you help by either making a donation or spreading the word?

So if you or someone you know has ever suffered from Peripartum Mood Disorders, CLICK THIS LINK. If NO ONE you know has EVER struggled with it, than you should extra especially click that link.


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