Milk, It Does A Body Good. Pass it on.

Remember that Milk Board slogan from the 80’s?  GOT MILK really is much more succinct.

Anyway, now the Milk Board has followed you to my blog.  No really, this post is sponsored by the Milk Board of California. Because California rules and our cows are like, happy and stuff.  And also we are really low on cash.

Here’s why I’m telling you this: Even though Delilah isn’t in school yet, she will be soon and MAN could our California Schools use some help right now. That’s where the California Milk Board comes in – they’ve launched the Real Seal Appeal program to provide a whopping 2601 of our schools with an impressive bit of funding (ranging from 20k on down to 500 bucks):

{click to enlarge or visit the CA milk board for more info, HERE.}

No seriously, the CA Milk Board is made up of CA Dairy families and they are giving back to the state in a big way.  So if you’ve got kids in school, or kids who ever will be in school – get involved.  Pass it on.

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