Cut Your Crap: Special Holiday Edition!

It’s Black Friday – and that means that we’re all a little fatter and shopping away our shame, right? Unless you live in Porter Ranch, in which case you are either A) recovering from being trampled and/or maced, or B) the kind of lunatic who will pepper spray children for a shot at half-off an Xbox Kinect. Yes that happened here in the valley amidst the pre-black-friday mayhem at a local Wal-mart. People are totally sick. There’s apparently even a word for it: Shopping Rage. Personally, I can’t wrap my mind around what about shopping could induce rage, but whatever. (And uh…what the fuck is up with people thinking that Pepper Spraying kids for no reason is totally kosher?  The woman allegedly paid for her 50% off XBox and fled the scene while leaving 20 to be trampled behind her…  Way to make us proud, The Valley.)  

But anyway.  ME.  UsWe’re cutting our crap, right?  And Thanksgiving is no reason to take a break from Crap Cutting. If anything, it’s a time to rev it up. So I asked Super Beth some holiday-themed organizational questions that I have been grappling with, and now I will share her answers with you in hopes that we can bring some order back to this chaotic day of madness.

ME: Any gift-list/ gift-shopping organizational tips?  I always have an insane amount of open tabs and tear sheets hanging around during the holidays.  And I have a special weakness for Holiday catalogs.

Super Beth: First, write a list containing each person you want to buy for and a budget besides each name (the amount you’re able to spend on each person).

Just like organizing, if we set boundaries, we tend to stay within them and keep our collection at a certain amount so as not to exceed the space.

Setting a budget and writing names down helps you see how much you can afford and at the same time, ensuring you won’t forget anyone!

Set aside an afternoon or a morning to yourself and virtually shop (gather all your pretty catalogs, tear sheets you’ve been collecting and tabs you’ve been bookmarking).

Go through each digital / paper resource that you have collected and decide who’s getting what. Then you can order online or write notes next to names on your list for your next shopping trip.

And about every 3-5 months, I’ll go through my bookmarks on my laptop and delete/re-organize.

ME: To reuse paper and bags, or to recycle them?

SB:  I have one roll of wrapping paper (brown paper) and twine and I change it up by adding different color pennants that I cut from an old paint deck fan. Even though everyone is used to me wrapping presents this way, it’s my signature wrap (so I don’t even have to put a tag–but I do:).

When I receive gifts during the year, if the wrapping paper, bows, bags are in excellent condition, i’ll keep them and reuse them. But, if you have an extensive wrapping paper collection, I would say recycle the giftwrap leftovers.

ME: Will you marry me?

SB:  [Awkward silence.]

Fun Fact: The average person has 7 open tabs in their browser. I have 39. [ugh.]

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